Our Mountain Home

Don and Marilyn are excited to offer guests the most beautiful, peaceful and enjoyable rustic cabin stay in the Cascade Mountains.

We look forward to seeing your family this year.

Don and Marilyn Immel are the owners of Bumping River Resort, LLC and are natives of nearby Yakima. Their dream was to own a mountain property that their family could enjoy together. Last year they had an opportunity to purchase a property which not only they can enjoy, but also one that gave them the opportunity to share mountain experiences in a beautiful open space with guests.

Don and Marilyn have been business owners several times in past decades, including a bakery and an Article Circle franchise. In addition, over the last 25 years Don has worked for Costco and Marilyn has been a school teacher.  They have been involved in the community and church throughout the years and look forward to continuing their service to the community during their retirement.

Our Goal … a wonderful stay!

If it matters to you, it matters to us. Let us make your stay enjoyable.

Surrounding Adventures

Multiple adventures await guests in the mountains near the Bumping River Resort.

Things to See and Do